[Under Consideration] some options i would like to see.


New member
Aug 17, 2022
i set up a server using rat 3, and notice a few things lacking, well 2 things really, first being a way to specify the region, as the server i was setting up is located on my local pc and i live in australia, and the 2nd is a way to use other maps for mods like Darkness falls, or just a way to install mods for servers like the Darkness falls mod.
Is there a region setting in the default serverconfig.xml that I'm not using? If its a fairly new property, then yeah, I haven't added it in.

As for mods, I don't plan on supporting mods with RAT. Mostly because I don't use them myself and that makes it harder to keep up with changes that are needed. I mean, you can use RAT with Darkness Falls, a lot of people do it. I know they have to do some things differently that the default RAT setup, but I don't know what they do.
i would be interested to know how they did it with RAT, i like using it because of the extra options and such..