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Federation Row is considered sectors 1-8.

These sectors are owned/operated/policed by the Federation. You cannot attack other players here, deploy defenses, modify sector warps, etc.
Idling your ship (logging out of game) in Federation Row will cause you to get fined (See the Off-Terra Legal Dept port in sector 8).

The current fine amount is 1,000,000 credits.

Your ship will also be towed from federation space by the Galactic Teamsters, what sector you end up in, completely depends on the Teamsters mood at the moment. It could be anywhere, including in the middle of 100,000,000 Cabal. You've been warned.
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Sector: 1
Port: Sol

Sol is the primary port for all of the basics you're going to need. You can buy fuel, cargo holds, attack drones, sector mines, cloaking energy, genesis devices, various sector warp modifiers, etc.
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Sector: 2
Port: Mars

Mars is where those with more credits than sense, or nothing to lose go to gamble away their credits. Some captains have been known to make their fortunes here, but most... like you probably... won't.
Sector: 3
Port: First Bank of Terra

Like all good economies, there are banks. Credits in your bank accounts cannot be stolen by other captains.

You can open Savings accounts, or higher interest rate accounts. Savings accounts can be cashed out any time. Interest accounts, will lock those credits out until the maturity date (set by you).
Sector: 4
Port: The Galactic Teamsters

These hard working folks make sure to keep space clean and maneuverable. They'll help you out of a tough spot with a tow (for a fee of course), they'll help you rid your ship of Cremlin infestations and more. These aren't the people to piss off, just say'n.
Sector: 5
Port: Tech Magic

Looking for new tech for your ship? This is the place to get it. New devices arrive frequently, prices subject to change.
Devices and your ships loadouts can make or break a captain. Configure your device bays wisely and thrive, fail to do so... and you're destroyed tech might end up in the Flea Market of sector 6.

You can also repair damaged devices here, simply dock your ship, select the Ship's Computer and then Device Configuration. Select the item to repair and click Repair. The cost will be displayed before any action is taken.
Sector: 6
Port: The Flea Market

Where these devices come from, isn't exactly known and the Federation keeps a close eye on the goods sold here. No one likes finding out the new device they got was a cheap knock-off of the real thing. Some say these devices are refurbished from destroyed warships, some say they are stolen from Tech Magic cargo shipments. No one knows, and the Federation hasn't been able to figure it out either. So... the Flea Market is open for business!

Smart captains know where to get the best tech, for the lowest price. That just happens to be here at the Flea Market. What items will be up for sale is always a surprise, but there are two things you can be sure of:

#1: These prices won't be beat, anywhere.
#2: All devices are in 100% working order.
Sector: 7
Port: E.E.C.C. (Enemy Eradication Coordination Council)

Wow, just trying to say the name of this point should tell you everything you need to know... Politicians... no one wants them, yet somehow they always seem to exist, no matter what universe you might happen to be in.

That being said, the E.E.C.C. is one of the most tolerated political groups around. Mostly because they pay good credits for reporting the Cabal locations and don't ask too many questions. Of course, lie and the Federation will fine you for it. So... pay attention when reporting Cabal assets!
Sector: 8
Port: The Off-Terra Legal Dept.

And if there are politicians, you know there are lawyers not far behind! Like Cremlins, we just can't seem to get rid of them. No one likes to be seen in this sector, because if you're here, you owe the Federation credits, and they'll get those credits out of you somehow.

All debts and fines are listed here, you can make payments against them, etc. If you have unpaid debts/fines for too long, the Federation has been known to start taking a percentage of your credits when making cargo transactions at the various Ports in the universe.

All captains start out in debt to the Federation for the purchase of their Warship, its recommended that you pay off this debt as soon as possible.
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