[DOC] RAT 4 - Getting Started: Creating a New Local Server


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Oct 11, 2011
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If you're starting a brand new server, this document is for you. If you already have a 7d2d server running, this document won't help you at all. ;)

The idea of this screen is to get your game server installed with MINIMAL settings in order to get the server up and running and RAT connected to it. After this is complete, you can go into all of the RAT settings and change them to whatever you'd like.

First, install RAT. ;)
Start RAT
Go to Settings -> Local Server -> Create Server
You should see a window similar to the following:

First, know that you can mouse over each items text label for a tooltip popup.

Install SteamCMD
If you already have SteamCMD installed on your system, click the folder icon and navigate to that installation folder.​
If you do not, select a folder to install SteamCMD​
Click Download & Install SteamCMD​
SteamCMD lets you download software from Steam, using this command line utility. If you want more information on SteamCMD, please click the link "visit the official page" on the RAT screen.​
A window will popup while this install happens, it shouldn't take very long. Wait for it to finish.​
Server Configuration
Server Path: This is the path on your machine where you want to install the 7d2d game server.​
Server Visibility: How (or not) you want your server to appear on the 7d2d game server browser​
Port: The game server port, leave as default unless you have a reason to change it.​
Name: This is the name of your server that will be displayed to your players and in the game server browser​
Password: If you want your players to have to enter a password to enter your server, enter it here.​
Telnet Port: This is the port that RAT will connect to your game server on, leave it as default unless you are already using the port for something else.​
Telnet Password: This is the password required to connect RAT to your game server. You don't need to remember this, its only for RAT to use.​
Game World Generation
Save Game Name: This is the name/folder that your game will be saved under on your local machine, keep it simple and no special characters.​
World Gen Seed: You can change this to whatever you want, it simply is for the random world generator to start from.​
World Gen Size: This is the size of the game world. Most worlds are 8k or 10k settings. However the game supports up to 16k worlds. Be aware that the larger you make your game world, the longer it is going to take for the game world to be generated and also for your players to download.​
Click Create Server​
You will get a "Please Wait..." popup window, as well as another Window from SteamCMD that is downloading and installing your game server.​
It is important that you let this finish! The "Please Wait..." popup window will close when the server is downloaded and installed.​
Once this process finishes, a new RAT popup will open​
Click OK​
Click OK​

Read this message carefully, while not a problem if you happened to have clicked OK already, the next step will report as failed if you do, and the game server isn't ready. So please just wait, as you can't do anything until the game server has generated the world anyway.
Wait until the last(ish) line in the terminal window popup says:

INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn successful

Now, this is where you get to wait. It could take 20 minutes to generate your game world (or longer/shorter depending on your game world size, and your computer hardware).
Assuming you've waited, and everything else worked ok, you should see the next popup​
You're done! Now, if you want to change other settings for your server, go ahead and do so in RAT. Remember, you'll need to stop and restart your server for these changes to take affect.​
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¿Qué pasa si la ventana cmd no se abre después de finalizar el proceso y abrir las demás ventanas con las advertencias?
It won't break anything, other than the initial test connection can't be made. If everything is running fine for you (such as telnet connection, no WebAPI errors, etc), then you should be fine.
Здравствуйте, подскажите, что не так и что делать?1473
It asks me for a password, when I give it server connection, what did I do wrong?
google trasla1500t sorry xd