RAT 3 (7D2D Alpha 20 Compatible)

RAT 3 (7D2D Alpha 20 Compatible)

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This is a small update, but fixes a problem where Discord messages were not correctly being detected. There are no other changes in this version.
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Bag items can no longer be saved with <0 or >100 percentage chance​
When saving a teleport, sometimes it would get saved with an invalid name, causing RAT to crash (Reported by: Ciro)​
Added a new group variable: tele_invalid_name_txt with the error message.​
When backing up your game world and save game, if there was an error doing so, RAT could crash with an exception error (Reported by: Ciro)​
Various issues with grabbags (deleting the last bag, etc) causing issues. (Reported by: CosMic92)​
Double clicking on items in the event editor, would modify RAT default events. (Reported by: Buzzkill112)​
When manually shutting down the server and selecting to Restart the server, sometimes the server wouldn't restart. (Reported by: keyboardkilla)​
Set World Transfer speed to have a maximum of 8192 (Requested by: hameleon0128)​
Backups failing when not using compression​
Backups now delete all files associated with that backup set when delete backups is enabled. (Reported by: Ciro)​

Local server backups now include serverconfig.xml, webpermissions.xml and serveradmin.xml. On a restore, these will have to be manually copied back however. (Requested by: Capt. Lykke)​
When spawning items using the RAT Item Spawner, you can now use whatever mod you'd like to spawn the items. This way you can spawn items directly into someone's backpack or whatever your mods allow. (Requested by: BadPlayer)​
Event Vars:​

Group Vars:​
spawn_item_cmd - give {player_steam} {spawn_item_code} {spawn_item_quantity} {spawn_item_quality}​

Removed the Restore functionality from the backup set until I have a chance to rewrite it correctly.​
-- Backups are still created fine, you just have to manually copy the files to restore from a backup​
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I'd like to thank the following people as they are helping to test prereleases of RAT in order to provide everyone with the best releases we can.
Please thank them for putting up with a lot more bugs, crashes and problems so you don't have to. =)
  • BadPlayer
  • Ciro
  • PhantomGhost
  • Capt. Lykke

Crash when restarting the server and RAT attempted to check the game time (Reported by: hameleon0128)​
Lag would sometimes occure when restarting the server (Reported by: hameleon0128)​
Backup compression options were mislabled (Reported by: Morcal)​
RAT Commands in the event editor are now alpha sorted​
Several of the Store default events were not converted for RAT 3 (Only updated with a fresh install, otherwise, just modify them yourself to use the syntax of other store events)​
Store Materials 07 Iron, Store Medical 04 Splint, Store Medical 05 Antibiotic, Store Medical 06 Painkiller, Store Medical 07 Vitamin, Store Food 05 Mineral Water, Store Materials 01 Concrete​
REMOVED: Store Materials 02 Rebar Frames​
HASFUNDS conditional from not parsing <count>@<amount> parameters correctly (Reported by: A lot of people)​
Default event for game chat to RAT chat window missing (Reported by: SultonMRP)​
Game Chat to Discord (Reported by: Several people)​

Grab bags! Click the icon on the main toolbar​
The primary commands for this are .GETGRABBAG and .GETRANDOMGRABBAG see the help for these commands in the RAT event editor​
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Release Notes:

HASFUNDS conditional was continually failing (Reported by: keyboardkilla)​

Local Server option "Write serverconfig file on server start", defaults to ON (Requested by: BadPlayer)​
- Usually you won't want to change this, but if RAT is writing a bad value or something to your server config file, this will prevent that and let you manually manage the file​
ISGROUP conditional will now accept a comma seperated list(CSV) of group names. This makes it so you don't have to have multiple conditional statements when checking for multiple groups (Requested by: keyboardkilla)​
ISBLOODMMOON and ISNOTBLOODMOON conditionals (requested by: hameleon0128)​
- NOTE: These only work based on the Bloodmoon Frequency server value​

Removed defaults on new install for Game Data Folder and Save Game Folder​
Updated cooldowns.dat and rat_schedules.dat to use the server name as a prefix to allow RAT to be used for multiple game servers. (Requested by: BadPlayer)​
*** NOTE ***​
This means that in you want to preserve your current cooldowns and/or schedules, you need to do the following:​
Close RAT​
go to %appdata%\NomadSoft​
Find cooldowns.dat and rename it <serverDisplayName>_cooldowns.dat​
Find rat_schedule.dat and rename it <serverDisplayName>_schedule.dat​
When Removing a ban, admin or buff, RAT will now also send a remove for the players CrossID to support mods that are using crossID to do the adds for these functions (Reported by: Ciro)​
RAT variable bloodmoon_next is now calculated on the server config variable Bloodmoon Frequency instead of a static value of 7 (Requested by: BadPlayer)​