[Researching] RAT 2.0 alpha x64 :: event type "player killed zombie" not detected / not fired

Vitaliy Leontiev

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Dec 24, 2018
I've tried to play around new currency system, but cannot pay players for zombie killing. Investigation found out that events with "player killed zombie" doesn't fire or not detected at all.

event example:

i've tried to use "text contains" event type, and it fires, but this type does't not recognize player id / steam id:

highlighted event was "text contains" type, at 11:15 events with "text contains" were disabled and event "player killed zombie" doesn't fire at all.
I'll have to look into this again, I see the text I'm looking for in your screenshot for this event, so not sure what's up. Offhand, the only thing I can think of is that the player that killed the zombie in this case the one with entityid 3935, isn't in the internal RAT player list yet? Do you see this player in the RAT player list?

I'll look into it as I said, but I do know of other servers using this, so... it has to be something about the parser... anyway, no idea at the moment, but I'll check it out! Thanks for the report.
That's me, and I'm in RAT player list. May it somehow correlate with regional settings? I mean using "," or "." as separator for example. As my server run on machine with russian regional settings.

PS. As I imagine - RAT parsing log and mirror it into "log" windows. Yet cannot see any place where such settings can mess up. But still.
what does it say or do in rat after killing one? im on a19 stable so cant test myself but it does work for me tho little buggy xD
funny thing happend.
reinstalled (2 weeks ago) rat from scratch for a19 stable and everything goes as intended.
a bunch of edits, fixes an new bits an bobs were added for the a19 update :)
Have same problem at 18.4, not detecting player killing zombies

There was a bug in an older version of RAT that was fixed in some of the more recent updates. However, if RAT happens to work for an older version of the game, that's great. But there is no support for anything other than the current version of the game (in this case, A19).